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Robert Pattinson + Cannes

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Robert Pattinson as “Jerome Fontana”

Robert Pattinson as “Jerome Fontana”

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”The Golden Globes are always fun and stuff because everyone’s drinking

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Robert Pattinson, It´s All On You 

Its All On You
And their eyes were on a double string and their hands lay  
softly on the street now
And I do believe that honestly that I know this is where I want to be right now
There are pictures in her eyes, they’re a thread up for the skies
So I wait 
Now with our souls misunderstood
And our minds they saw a map of a way
For how looong.
For how long, how long must you take.
I was set for that mistake but you moved.
And when there was nothing then that I couldn’t take
Its all on you, darlin’
You took me when my eyes were turned
Its all on you, baby
You turned your back when I tried to learn
Still I cannot lift my eyes
If your hands are turning mine
But you dared not
What you said our souls could contain.

They could contain

But now I’m gone
With a broken twisted soul in mind
But for how long?
Cause I’ve wasted this train of youth all on you, all on you
Its all on you
Its all on you
Its all on you

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